Xbox 360 wired pad no responding correctly under Liquidsky PC client



I'm notice the controls on xbox 360 wired pad no responding correctly under LiquidSky PC client.

I've downloaded Joystick Tester for test it:

On the L-stick, up and down are inverted.
On the Dpad, right makes up, and up makes 10 button...

I can't naviguate on menus and steam big picture, and I can't play games like Metro 2033 with this pad because down on left stick makes move forward, up makes moveback, and I can't configure pad controls (the option isn't accessible in the game, it is greyed).

Thank for look at them!

Best regards!


You should remap buttons of your controller in the client. I had same situation.



Where are options of remaping in the client?
I didn't find it...



In settings? It is called Setup controller.


Ok, I will watch this tomorrow!
Thank you!


Thanks, it works!
Thank you!