Xbox One X VS LiquidSky


Is the Xbox One X more powerful than LiquidSky PC in performance or anything. answer the poll below

  • Xbox One X
  • LiquidSky PC

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I think the Xbox One X is way more powerful than LiquidSky since it can run games at a higher resolution.


That’s what I was thinking too because it has 6 teraflops and 4K since LiquidSky doesn’t have that much resolution and teraflops


XboxoneX doesn’t charge you every minute for running a game, what you buy is what you get.


I agree with you about how LiquidSky charges you every minute a credit


Actually, it’s not that easy. While the Xbox X is the fastest console right now without a doubt, there are several things to consider.

1 - RAM:
While it states it has 12 GB, keep in mind this is shared memory. This means it distributes RAM between system and gpu. The LiquidSky Pro package will give you 12 GB RAM, and an additional dedicated 4 GB vRAM.

2 - CPU:
True, the gpu specs look impressive at first glance, but there’s a major bottleneck: the extremely outdated cpu architecture. AMD didn’t manage to finish the new Zen cpu architecture, so it’s still the old Polaris. So even though MS overclocked the crap out of it, it’s providing roughly the speed of a Core i3.

3 - Power consumption:
As I said, MS overclocked the cpu like crazy. It’s power consumption is high, up to >170 W . Even worse, in standby mode, it’s still consuming 15 W, and that’s after most recent updates. Before that, it was 50 W in standby, and 30-40 W in instant-on mode.

4 - 4K?
Yes, but not consistently. Seems alright in Forza, but let’s face it: a racing game isn’t exactly the most demanding thing you could throw at a console.

So, what do we make of that? Well, I’m not saying it’s slower than a LiquidSky SkyPC. The gpu certainly seems to be faster. And as usual, games will be much better optimized, because it’s a console, so you’ll have better performance at lower specs compared to a pc. All in all, I’d say the Xbox is faster.

But I wouldn’t expect it to be really mindblowing. MS are doing a huge marketing effort, to make people believe this, but - no. It’s more an overclocked Xbox One with a better gpu.

Cost-wise, you have to pay 500$ for it. And like any other console, it will be outdated in a year or two. The PS5, whenever it will be released, will be faster. MS is probably aiming for a quick update of the Xbox, too, with a better cpu. So this is a costly thing.

LiquidSky on the other hand will update their hardware without extra cost. We’ll have to see how long the intervals will be, but it has happened, and will happen. And one thing always to consider: you can mod your games on a cloud PC. For many people (including me), that’s extremely important.

Some sources, if you’re interested in specs and stuff:


You make alot of good points but that’s a really unfair comparison. The i3 is a woefully underpowered cpu with just 2 cores that alot of modern games wouldn’t even start on.

This point as well is a but shallow, we know by now the game developers don’t really care about constant 4k at 60fps they’d rather target 1440p at 30fps just so it’s prettier.

Sayong that though they’re two different things that offer way different experiences in many areas. They aren’t comparable, if you’re in the market for liquidsky I have no idea why you’d be looking at an xbox one x really.

If you are just talking visual fidelity then at the moment the xbox one x is producing much prettier graphics.


I was a bit surprised myself, but that was the information I picked up from computer magazines in regard of the Polaris cpu. To be fair, the i3 is a quad core, and certainly not a bad cpu. And it doesn’t matter so much in a console anyway.

Regarding the 4K thing: that’s what the marketing is about. MS are making a lot of fuss about the 4K capability. Of course it’s handled differently by developers for the sake of performance.

The point I’m trying to make is that it’s almost impossible to do a proper “which is more powerful” comparison. Like e.g., in terms of gpu performance: Xbox X. Cpu power: LiquidSky. Storage space: Xbox (1 TB), RAM: LiquidSky. Features: depends on your preferences. Etc etc… Polls liket his may be fun, but they’re ultimately pointless, because it’s comparing apples with pears.

The Xbox X is the most powerful console, but not the almighty piece of hardware MS are trying to make people believe. Still, anyone looking for a console should consider it. Or wait for the PS5. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I pretty much agree I just think those two points were a little weak considering the strengths of the console. All around a pc (or liquidsky) you are likely to get more out of with usability and range of games available but unfortunately the games do look better on the xbox one x at the moment.


I think a lot comes down to personal preference. From what I’ve read, the Xbox One X’s graphical equivalent is the AMD RX 580 or GeForce GTX 1060 whereas our’s is 4GB of GPU VRAM (something like a 1050 ti). The bottleneck on the Xbox is the CPU, which I know you have been discussing. I’d say we have the edge on the CPU. All in all, it’s a tough battle!


And xbox has their games optimized to it’s console, so it runs a lot batter and faster then on a normal pc with the same specs, if all games were optimized to liquidsky’s computer specs, the games would run a lot smoother


If you have great internet speed and connection, I recommend LiquidSky.
else, Xbox One X.


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