XDVA/Interop colours are spurious


Hey guys,

i'm currently try to play on a dell 7470 with Intel HD 520 on Intel Core i5.

In the XDVA/Interop 1080p/60fps Option the colours are spurious compared to the software renderer.

But with the software i do not want to play because of timing.

First i tried to update graphic-card driver to the newest one but without solving the problem.
I've changed my config.ini and added "EnableInterop=0" to change to DXVA/GLSL mode. This seems brings back the right colours but i get fragments after scrolling a website.

Hopefull someone has a solution approch to use 1080/60 with DXVA on my PC.


Client bug. Graphics is not loading correctly

For all of you which have same problems, I solve my.

Intel supplies a control center for video and you have to change the sharpness of images option in Video Setting (because we are streaming) to Application settings in category Image enhancement.

If you choose automatic driver control you will get colors and sharpness you don't want to have! It could be that the names are differs because I have only the German version of Intel HD-Graphic control!

So please close this bug ticket! :slight_smile:


Great sharing though I never experience for that.