You can unbann my account and revert to unlimited plan


my email from my account

plz i need my account back and my unlimited account plz

(this is my last attemp from my account plz do it)


how did you get yourself banned?


well its a large history ¬¬


Dude you need to talk to support don't post stuff like this in the forums what's wrong with you


He more than likely pirated something.


It's okay to post it here. But you may likely have to create a new account. :unamused:


No don't post stuff like this in here... i'm sorry I feel nothing if he was pirating something or broke a rule of LS


Uh... this category is called 'Account Recovery', it's for banned users, people having problems getting into their accounts, problems with confirmation, and such... so, it's ok. Besides, piracy and torrenting aren''t the only reasons LS bans, unfortunately. :pensive:


Lay off him! The rules of ban is big enough and may have made a mistake! It could have been a 3rd party virus or anything! And I'm sorry but This is the right place and the right topic for this so give him a brake. It's ok, people are aloud second chances or explanations.


account recovery could be for people who can't access their account for a myriad of other reasons


He could of been gaming for over 6 hours over several days and got accidently banned a bug which should be fixed net week in LS release