"Your account has been flagged for hacking"



I keep getting this annoying message when I'm playing with my friends on my custom modpack on TechnicLauncher (A modpack launcher for Minecraft) and each time into my very long play sessions I'll get thrown off my SkyPC and a message appears saying that my account has been flagged for hacking when I'm literally not I'm only playing Minecraft. I don't want my account to get banned as I recently bought the Unlimited package. So I don't want to throw money down the toilet here and wouldn't risk my account hacking and I'm really not sure what to do..


Modification of games is not permitted with the code of conduct here but I am not completely sure.


So we can't use Skyrim mods or Minecraft mods?


mods are fine I run them for my game in Fallout


I think the term modding can be confusing due to there being official modding platforms which the game maker intends you to use such as, Citied: Skylines and there are things I would personally put into the hack bracket but most people call mods such as changing the game so you can cheat in multiplayer or doing something else that gives you an unfair advantage.

The low down is that if you are doing:
* Something illegal
* Something that is against the terms and conditions of the game you have installed/playing
* Something that violates the terms and conditions of LiquidSky

Then it will always be a reason for you to be warned or banned.

It's simple common sense.

Another thing to be very cautious of is freely installing 3rd party add ons, 'freeware' games and other stuff from the internet as you may be unintentionally downloading something malicious and then the malicious download may be performing the illegal activity whilst you are unaware. This is still your responsibility and you may be banned for this even though you never intentionally did anything.

If you are seeing these messages and don't know why then I would recommend you deleting and creating a new SkyComputer so that you have a fresh environment that is free of anything potentially malicious.


Talking about fearmongering new users here.

This was a well known issue over the years with the unlimited plan (which is getting removed, and only already existing unlimited users will be able to continue purchasing), basically if you play for 9+ hours or so, the system can think that you are using some sort of exploit/script of putting inputs by software to avoid the 30 minute forced timeout feature if you go away from your computer.

As we learned yesterday, this was the reason the unlimited plan was removed, because people just abused the unlimited plan, at least those who use it legit can keep it, though new users will never be able to experience it(or at least not in the launch).

If you did not do anything bad, you are safe. You can relaunch your skycomputer and continue playing. Your account has been flagged, they will manually view the logs and if you did nothing wrong, your account will never get banned.
This is an automatic process. There are users who told their stories on Reddit whose accounts have been flagged around 6-7 times, all the time legit uses, and they were not banned.

They were planning to implement a new captcha system which would remove the need of the auto check, but because of abuse, Liquidsky instead decided to get rid of Unlimited(not for all, but for new users), so probably the captcha system got scrapped as well because of this.

No deletion required. Liquidsky didn't creep out because of the mods, it did because of the long playtime. One of the big selling points of Liquidsky is that you can have a cloud pc, and mod whatever you want or do whatever you want (as long as its legal).


Ah, Thank you very much! @zarakiras Was panicking for a while aha.


As they have already discussed above, ONLY use mods on a supported to use MODS. World of Warcraft uses "Add-ons" which if you are installing add-ons then I see nothing wrong with it. If a game support steam workshop then only download mods within the workshop to be safe. Now modifying the code in a game to allow mods is a violation of everything known between the game and LS. If you have done this; the best idea is to delete your LS Computer and start over. I know it is a pain but would you rather be banned a next time that ban will last a long time....a REALLY long time....like FOREVER :frowning: