Your sky computer failed to connect


I can turn on my sky computer but then when i press “access now” it says launching sky computer and then i get an error that says Your sky computer failed to connect. Try again. I spent around 50 credits trying to launch steam, desktop and origin and only managed to launch desktop once but the screen was all black.


What server are you connected too? Did you try launching your skypc on the Android client to confirm there is no problem on your PC? (Firewall?)


Im connected to London. I tried launching on android and it got stuck on preparing your skycomputer.


Hi xaaves,

Just tried connecting to the London data center and got connected on the 2nd try.


“Failed to connect” is a network issue. It means that your SkyPC has started fine, but the client can’t connect to the stream. It can be anything, a firewall restrriction, a global network restriction (company/university), your ISP blocking the stream, or something else.

Try another device and another network, to narrow the issue down.