"your skycomputer failed to connect please try again later."


Why does my skycomputer keep saying “your skycomputer failed to connect please try again later.” I tried everything disabled firewall, reinstalled client, switched data centers, but when I used my android phone with the same wifi it works. So why dosn’t it work on my laptop but works on my phone?


That’s indeed a nasty issue, as you’ve already tried most steps I would’ve suggested.
Iirc, in rare cases, antivirus software can also prevent the client from connecting to the server.
If you’re on Win10, try to use only Windows Defender, it’s 100% compatible with LiquidSky (and a very decent antivirus/firewall by now).


only antivirus I have but it still dosn’t work. Do I have to keep retrying or what?


Ok, let’s try some more things:

  1. launch your SkyPC on Android, so you land on your cloud desktop (to make sure the servers aren’t full).
  2. close the Android app, but leave your SkyPC running
  3. open the Windows client. It should prompt you to connect to your SkyPC.
  4. if it still can’t connect, try to run the client as admin (right-click -> properties -> compatibility tab)

Also, what are your exact specs (cpu, gpu, os version) and internet speeds (ping, dl, ul according to speedtest.net)?


I did and it still dosn’t work can I get a refund or something? Have a service that dosn’t even work
PC/Phone Model: Latitude E6410
Operating System: Windows 10 64 bit
Processor: Intel core i5 M360 2.87ghz
Memory: 4.00gb
GPU (Graphics Card): Nvdia NVS 3100M
ISP (Internet Service Provider): At&t
Internet Speed: 7.58 download, 1.09 upload
Connection Wired or Wireless?: Wireless
Data Center: Washington DC
Current Location: North Carolina


Does it work with wired (ethernet) connection? I’m trying to pinpoint the issue, it’s really strange. Have you tried to run the client as adminisrtrator?

I can’t do anything about a refund, because I’m not LiquidSky staff/employee. For things like that, you should contact support at liquidskysupport.zendesk.com.