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Over 65 Video. Every single one is recorded with LiquidSky built in / free License Xsplit Gamecaster for Streams.

Gameplays / Recorded livestreams

Batman Arhkam Knight
Lords of the Fallen
Gwent [ Card Game ]
God Eater
Black Desert
Darkness 2
Lost Planet 3
Company of Heroes + Addons
Company of Heroes 2 + Addons
Elder Scrolls Legends [ Card Game ]
Path of Exile
Riders of Icarus
Starcraft 2
XCom The Burraeu

Every day streams 11:00am GMT+1 in youtube. And some afternoon streams happening too. Come and join to the biggest community of Liquid Sky Fans!

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You should totally make a Google Form or something so that people can request their content to be on the channel!

Also, you shouldn't use the Liquid Sky logo as your avatar on YouTube.


At this moment i dont have any concerns to use this logo in the future. This Channel is on for LS promoting their hard work, But i am look forward for your request and it is changed in a week as soon as i have some time to make a new one :slight_smile:

Here you can find our form what i created now for your pleasure [Short ,around 2 Min Required] :


Well, it's their logo, and if they want to ask you to take it down, they have the liberty to do so.


Sure :slight_smile:

1 week and its will be changed to a brand new one!
Thanks for the suggestions.


Okay. :slight_smile: