Zombie Survival Game on Facebook


Want a chance to win 1,000 SkyCredits? Head over to our Facebook and play our zombie survival game!

The zombie apocalypse is here. Pick one video game character to lead your crew and fight for your survival. Hardmode: Character must be a normal human with no powers.

Answers must be recieved on Facebook by 5:00 PM EST on January 29th


Ah why did you change your avatar, I liked that one.


To match the rest of my social branding haha. This one was created for me because of Twitch :stuck_out_tongue: .


I actually prefer that one, i liked the previous one, but this one is cooler


just posted in my answer hope i win


Yeah, me too(20 characters op)


yay 1k credits. please gimme :slight_smile:
also, I love paul blart. amazing movie :slight_smile:


…I just read the comments, and I found out the winner was already chosen :frowning:
the winner was some dude who said “Does Elon Musk count?”
…why? I am sad again now :frowning:


ah man well still it’s nice to know he got it, hope he enjoys it. I know one day during a giveaway i’ll get those free skycredits someday :star_struck:


hopefully the next community VS staff challange comes soon, and its on PUBG, like the “Zombies” gamemode, if only there were enough ppl.


It would be cool, the winner could win like 1500 credits, good idea


yes! 5-7 staff vs 93-95 zombies (ppl with fist only)